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Why is it so much Safer to Complete POA's Online for Senior Living?

We’ve found it faster, safer and much more convenient to complete Power of Attorney (POA) signings online (vs.) face to face with our seniors in Michigan. In this post we’ll share the why senior citizens in assisted living communities benefit most from online Notarizations.

Signing your documents Online can help keep your Loved Ones Safe & Healthy.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is a major concern in assisted living facilities across the USA and around the world. We have been working diligently to ensure our team is prepared.

Our goal is to build bridges that prevent the spread of contagious illness, while complying with safety policies and protocols. For the continued safety and wellbeing of assisted living, supportive living residents, and the staff members supporting them many facilities have taken appropriate steps to minimize public access to these at risk communities.

POA's and Medical Directives are common documents in the elderly community requiring Notary services. Mobile Notaries are encouraged to call the community directly to learn how to proceed and what precautions should be taken to protect themselves and others. 

Many senior communities now have virtual meeting rooms and digital equipment available to residents who may not have access to a personal laptop or computer. And, often care givers and staff members will assist to schedule and help set up such conference calls if needed.

Residents partaking in face-to-face signings must wear a surgical mask provided by the community and remain six feet apart from others, making it hard for notaries to properly assist with signing documents correctly.

In person visits can better serve for the sharing of time with our loved ones. Our team at is helping to keep everyone healthy and safe during this time.

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